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JACS Solutions at HIMSS 2022

Connected healthcare solutions that ensure access to care for all patients.

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HIPAA-Compliant Security & Privacy

With the increase in data and cybersecurity threats, companies in the healthcare industry must protect the privacy and public health information of its patients—and that isn’t done with off-the-shelf products. Your device solutions should come with hardware and firmware customization that effectively secures data transmission between patients and providers.

medical professional submitting patient information on tablet
doctor in a telehealth call discussing prescriptions with patient

Reduced Cost and Risk to Healthcare Systems

Due to the current state of healthcare and health services in response to the pandemic, and other global health challenges, a measured push to mobile and remote patient care is necessary.

Easy and reliable access to treatment from the comfort of home provides patients with more consistent and preventative engagement to the care they need, leading to improved outcomes and reducing costs associated with delivering care.

Healthcare Use Cases

See how JACS and our partners have solved some of the healthcare industry's most challenging problems.

doctor reviewing a medical chart

Enabling ease of use and secure data transfer for remote patient monitoring

Healthcare providers have increasingly adopted virtual care platforms to meet the demand for telehealth visits, remote biometric measurement, and virtual collection of symptom or behavioral data outside of traditional medical settings.


Man in chair reporting his vitals remotely on laptop and phone

Internet connectivity for remote patient monitoring

As the doctor-patient relationship continues to move outside of traditional settings, secure and reliable Internet connectivity of medical devices for remote patient monitoring is critical.


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